Komputilo is…

Uncompromisingly committed to making Free Software (FLOSS) work for all organisations improving the world around us.

Contact me if you are looking for:

  • Extremely approachable IT consultancy
  • Values based commitment to your work & organisation
  • Help with getting the most out of your constituents and stakeholder managament systems.

If your organisation currently uses spreadsheets, a simple database or emails to manage your contacts, get in touch as I am sure we could dramatically increase your impact! If you are frustrated with the quality of your contact data, your CRM or the repetitive manual processes you have to carry out, let's chat for free to see how we can improve things!

Premier CiviCRM Consultancy

CiviCRM is the leading Open Source (FLOSS) constituent relationship management system. Because it is FLOSS you retain leverage & control, and your contractors work for you.

Contact me if you would like to see a gorgeous CRM in action; understand exactly how a well-designed IT system can adapt itself to your workflows, and help improve your processes; or experience the power of integrated events, mailing & communications, GDPR compliance and membership modules.

About me

Komputilo is a project by Alex Sassmannshausen. Alex has over 10 years of experience as a software developer and has spent the last 2 years working as the Information Systems Manager with the UK's leading gender equality charity, the Fawcett Society. In his time there, he led their efforts on GDPR compliance, helped to massively improve the quality of their membership database & improved automation workflows throughout the organisation.

Alex also continues to consult on a volunteer or freelance basis for a number of additional organisations to help them better engage with their contacts, clients & members.

Alex is passionate about Free Software, data protection, those people who spend their blood and sweat making the world a better place.